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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

will i ever get used to this,,,?

will i ever get used to these muggy nights? will i ever get used to these southern charming not-so-charming neighbors? will i always miss home? which is california. when will i stop calling it (california) home? i've been in north carolina for 6 years least i think i have. we had a major tornado scare last weekend. like, (i had to do that, i'm from california, my nickname is val, valygirl, get it?) i was and my family were huddled in the little guest bathroom hoping it wouldn't hit us. it was less than 8 miles away. we could tell when the tornado went by us because the lights started to flicker on and off quite quickly. no fun. debris was falling from the sky! unbelievable! NC took the hardest hit after last weekend's deadly storms. and again, we were on tornado watch and my husband just informed me that 39 people died. not in NC but this just happened last weekend and it's already happening again? and yes, i am depressed once again...will it never end? i never buy tabloid mags. but i had to pick up people mag. when i saw that catherine zeta jones admitted to just recently being diagnosed with bi-polar. it hits too close to home because when i was a newlywed 13 years ago(just celebrated 2 weeks ago) my father-in-law committed suicide...on dec. 21...4 days before christmas...we now have 2 young children and it sucks to always have to remember this...he quit taking his meds for a week although the crisis person said this wouldn't have caused this. really? i think he was probably on edge all the time and a week of cold turkey killed him. cause once again i ran out of meds cause my doc. sent in the wrong rx to the pharmacy...and i'm is a deadly combo...going cold turkey on meds. can cause a serious crisis.

they should probably put that as a warning on prescription bottles...