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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sitting on my front porch...RE-POST...!

It is August 18, I am sitting on my rocking chair front porch and one year ago today I was sitting on this same front porch thinking I wanted to die.  My 4 week, 4 day old baby was inside with my husband and daughter, and the anxiety was so immense, I just wanted to die.  I knew what Postpartum Depression was, and I was very familiar with old regular depression as well as anxiety, but Postpartum Anxiety...I had no idea.  Right now lightning is flashing in the distance...that's what reminded me...I'll never forget that Mom that didn't know what she was dropping in on when she came to my door to drop off diapers.  Someone who didn't like me very much.  And I broke down right in front of her.  Well, what happened next could only happen in the South.  I'm from the West Coast so I know. That Mom who didn't care for me very much grabbed 5 other Moms on the street, drug them into my house, and my bedroom, bypassing baby, dad, and daughter, grabbed a wet washcloth and started wiping my forehead.  Consoling me.  She knew.  And that is the common bond.  But, am I friends with her now?  No, she has alienated herself on this block.  I have come to believe that people in the South can hate you but save your life when you're in a pinch.  Wish I could really know them instead.  I don't want them just for the crisis.  But if that's the only time I'll ever get them? I'll take it.  And I remember that night a year ago clearly; glass of Sangria in my hand, my baby boy in his baby bjorn sleeping on my chest, I was in her backyard with the other Moms (I hadn't been out of the house prior to that) lightning in the distance, very common in the South, and I was saved.  If only those women knew what they did for me...I don't think they'll ever really know.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

new design...

okay, i got sick of the depressing, dramatic black for my blog so decided to change it...whaddya think?

it's blog hop sunday!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

my dog has come back....!

okay - last post about the dog, i promise.  it's just that, well, i had 2 messages on my voicemail.  yesterday, after checking the caller id i knew it was the vet.  we had my dog cremated so i knew why they were calling and i just couldn't listen to the message yet.  well, today it was them again, so i thought i'll just listen.  i was right about the first message, winnie's remains were there and when i was ready i could come get them.  well, the next message said "winnie's come back and you can pick her up when you're ready...!" it's a miracle!  she's alive!!!

okay, needless to say she's not alive, and do i even have to mention that the first message was left by a woman and the second by a

 at least it made me laugh...

Monday, October 11, 2010

my dog is gone...

sorry about the really dramatic last post, but this one only gets winnie-girl or "wee wee girl" as my baby used to call her is gone...that song from Hall and Oates is playing in my head right now...all I can remember is "she's di da di da da da..." anyway, almost a bottle of wine later and this best friend is gone..."oh where oh where has my little dog gone...?" daughter said Dog Heaven...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I have to kill my dog...

okay - a little dramatic i know...but it's true.  second dog too in the last six months.  this sucks.  my dog, winnie, has been with me, and then my family, for 12 years.  she got cancer which was diagnosed three days before i was due with my baby boy (second child).  needless to say i ended up being eight days late with him until i had everything settled with dog.  we got her chemo.  yes, dog chemo.  believe it or not but it's the same protocol they use on humans, only 1/10th of the dose.  the vet actually said they believe they're overdoing it with humans.  they said she would be in remission by her second treatment, out of five she would need, and they were shockingly right.  my baby boy will soon be 16 months old.  my dog has lived four months beyond the prediction of 6 to 12 months, 18 if you're lucky.  she was 4 months extra lucky.  things that can trigger my depression...? killing my dog...tomorrow.