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Thursday, October 14, 2010

my dog has come back....!

okay - last post about the dog, i promise.  it's just that, well, i had 2 messages on my voicemail.  yesterday, after checking the caller id i knew it was the vet.  we had my dog cremated so i knew why they were calling and i just couldn't listen to the message yet.  well, today it was them again, so i thought i'll just listen.  i was right about the first message, winnie's remains were there and when i was ready i could come get them.  well, the next message said "winnie's come back and you can pick her up when you're ready...!" it's a miracle!  she's alive!!!

okay, needless to say she's not alive, and do i even have to mention that the first message was left by a woman and the second by a

 at least it made me laugh...

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