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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Love Postpartum Progress...Katherine Stone is a Great Woman...

6 Surprising Symptoms of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety
One woman with postpartum depression may look and sound completely different from the next one. Here are six of the most surprising symptoms of PPD and anxiety.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Who is Victimized Here...

You's interesting.  The place I have created here, not only for myself, which has been extremely therapeutic for me, but for other women as well, what I thought would be a safe place,  how it can become...not so safe.  Because of electronic media we can confess are skeletons to the world for everyone to see.  However, it causes much emotional distress for some, when suddenly it feels like you are being stalked.  Who knew you could not only be stalked in person as well as online.  I didn't think I would ever be the victim of this.  It's quite distressing.

And it's quite unfortunate.

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All This Talk of PPD is...

well, depressing frankly!  I am here to share a happy day.  I realize that I hardly do that.  Partly because this is to help others suffering the debilitating effects of Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Anxiety, but now it's time.

Three year survivor here of PPA.  I was recounting a story I had posted here when that "angel" neighbor saved me from myself.  She's not really an angel by any stretch but that's neither here nor there for the moment.  It made me realize how far I have come.

I am struggling through a very difficult divorce, yet I am NOT depressed.  Nor do I have anxiety.  Surviving my PPA has made me stronger after all.  You know I never really did believe Kelly Clarkson when she sings ... "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger..." cause I never felt it.  I felt like I was dying a slow torturous death.

But guess what?  It's true...and I am proof!

I try to live moment to moment.  And right now is a happy moment which I know will result in a happy day.

Hang on...even when it appears there is nothing to hang on to.  Reach out online if that's all you have.  Just do will come out alive and well on the other side.  I promise...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Are you an Olympic Gold Medal Winner when it comes to Motherhood?

Wouldn't it be nice if all us Moms could just get along?  They say men are competitive (whoever "they" is) but when it comes right down to it...guess what?  I would say that women would win this Olympic Gold Medal, hands down!

Why?  Because they can't stop judging.  It's almost as if it's an addiction...they just can't help themselves.  And it doesn't stop even when you have Postpartum Depression or Postpartum Anxiety.  And for the woman with PPD or PPA it may seem that the criticizing and judging is actually at its worst.

It's a sad state of affairs that so many of us Moms, well, really, what it comes down to is that so many of us Moms really don't know what we are doing.  Being a Mom didn't come with a handbook so how could any one of us stake a claim on doing Motherhood the right way.  We can't!  None of us can..!

So why is it that some Moms, and what seems to be a large majority of Moms think they should win the Olympic Gold Medal of Motherhood?

I got me...!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What Does Postpartum Depression Have to do With Breastfeeding...

For this post not a whole lot.  Except for the fact that this issue causes me to be depressed.  But all I can say is WTF New York City? You are going to lock up all the infant formula in the hospitals and use it only when medically necessary because you say so?  Because you are advocating breastfeeding only? Aren't there easier ways of doing this? Give me a break!  I am an advocate of breastfeeding with the rest of them, however, I too used formula to save my sanity.  Give me a break!  Are my kids screwed up as a result of my periodically using formula...I don't think so.  And guess what? I was entirely formula fed as well as everyone I know because breastfeeding back in the day was taboo.  Hell it still is if you consider all the stares you get when breastfeeding your child in public even when you have a blanket covering you and the baby up.

And I think I came out okay.

.So WTF Mayor Bloomberg?

Here is a link to Katherine Stone, of Postpartum Progress, my favorite blog about PPD: When is it Not Okay to be Breastfed?