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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What Does Postpartum Depression Have to do With Breastfeeding...

For this post not a whole lot.  Except for the fact that this issue causes me to be depressed.  But all I can say is WTF New York City? You are going to lock up all the infant formula in the hospitals and use it only when medically necessary because you say so?  Because you are advocating breastfeeding only? Aren't there easier ways of doing this? Give me a break!  I am an advocate of breastfeeding with the rest of them, however, I too used formula to save my sanity.  Give me a break!  Are my kids screwed up as a result of my periodically using formula...I don't think so.  And guess what? I was entirely formula fed as well as everyone I know because breastfeeding back in the day was taboo.  Hell it still is if you consider all the stares you get when breastfeeding your child in public even when you have a blanket covering you and the baby up.

And I think I came out okay.

.So WTF Mayor Bloomberg?

Here is a link to Katherine Stone, of Postpartum Progress, my favorite blog about PPD: When is it Not Okay to be Breastfed?

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