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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Top 50 Blogs on Depression

Hey - I made it on someone's list for the above title. Can't believe it! They may just be trying to get more hits on their website, get it 1st page Google ranked, but whatever...just excited to be there. You can find it here: Postpartum Depression Anxiety

I am listed as #37 overall and #3 right under Postpartum Progress (shocking!) under the heading of Top Postpartum Blogs About Depression.

And you wanna know what else? If you type in a Google search the following "Postpartum Depression and Anxiety" guess what??? I am on the first page of Google!!! Granted I'm the last listing on the page, but I'm on that page. On the same page as Postpartum Progress. Unbelievable...very exciting stuff!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

i am NEVER going to travel down this road again! think i would have figured it out by now. my post titled "a road i've been down before" discusses a time when i was no longer suffering from post-partum anxiety but was literally driving down the same road i had been when i was. it brought back memories. and a little anxiety.

well, guess what? once again, i was driving home down this road and i started getting little anxiety attacks. nothing major, but enough for me to feel like i was starting to breathe too fast and that i might need to pull over. and then i realized...i've been down this road before...both literally AND figuratively. and i don't want to go down it anymore. you think i would've learned my lesson. well, it just so happens this is the quickest way to and from the mall...heehee

but i will find another way. just like i had to find another way to get out of my postpartum anxiety. reading blogs like this one, books, joining online and offline support groups was what i did. i was trying to reach out to everbody because i feared if i didn't i wouldn't be around much longer to take care of not only my beautiful DD but my beautiful newborn DS.

by the way, it is 2 years later and i am taking the max of my anti-depressants and just recently was prescribed a new anti-anxiety med to deal with the anxiety that pops up at the witching hour...more on that the mean time...please try to keep on, keeping on...much hugs to you and yours!