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Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's o.k. to be on meds....

Why is there such a taboo around taking medications for mental disorders? Especially for women? We as women are so hard on each other when making judgments of others? Taking an antidepressant for depression is no different then taking medication for cholesterol, or high blood pressure, or diabetes. Would you look funny at someone that said they were on meds. for diabetes? Would you imply to them that maybe they don't need them, that they just need to get out more, think happy thoughts or go exercise? Basically if the diabetic person didn't take their meds. they would end up dying. Well, guess what? Same thing would happen to a depressed person. There is NO SHAME in being on an stop judging us.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Lurker...

that's what I'll call my persistent depression/anxiety. Every time I want to enjoy the moment, enjoy my new little boy, or my daughter, it's there lurking in my brain. I can't shake it...I've tried literally. I wish it would go away, but the more I try and wish it away the more I become aware of it. I know they say that which you resist only persists stronger, it's so hard not to resist it. They say to accept it, but how do you accept something that makes you so miserable and doubt yourself as a wife, mother, individual, and hate everything about yourself. I can't accept that! But I know that if I am going to get past this, I am going to have to try....
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