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Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's o.k. to be on meds....

Why is there such a taboo around taking medications for mental disorders? Especially for women? We as women are so hard on each other when making judgments of others? Taking an antidepressant for depression is no different then taking medication for cholesterol, or high blood pressure, or diabetes. Would you look funny at someone that said they were on meds. for diabetes? Would you imply to them that maybe they don't need them, that they just need to get out more, think happy thoughts or go exercise? Basically if the diabetic person didn't take their meds. they would end up dying. Well, guess what? Same thing would happen to a depressed person. There is NO SHAME in being on an stop judging us.


Getting By Day by Day said...

Excellent blog! I can say that I most likely was pretty depressed after I had my first child and just never went to the doctor to talk about it. I have 4 children altogether and I've learned something about myself over the years. I was depressed and high anxiety when I was a child. I know this NOW as an adult and knowing the signs. And I've been on Zoloft for several years now. And am SO not ashamed of it! Sometimes my youngest will say, "is that a vitamin, mama?" and I say jokingly, "Nope, it's my nerve pill". LOL

Stay strong! :-)

Rich Sands said...

Post-partum depression, "regular" depression, bi-polar disorder, etc. If you take an honest poll of everyone you know, you'll find 90% are "crazy" (including me, and I think we should take back the "c" word!). Mental illness is only a stigma because everyone hides it. Remember "Everyone Poops?" Maybe we need a sequel called, "Everyone's Nuts." Thank you for your openness on this issue.