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Monday, February 14, 2011

some days i feel like i just can't do this...

do you ever feel that way? i know i've mentioned i'm over ppd/ppa but how come i come to a moment where i am just done. i want to be done. i don't nor i can't do this anymore. have you ever felt that way? and this can be after you had a relatively normal day, your 8yo dd just had her bff stay overnite and they had a great time (for the most part) and your neighbor/friend/used-to-have-some-issues-with-not-sure-where-i-stand just left after a relatively fun time and you're done...

you're just done...can you relate???

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Julie said...

Yes, I can totally relate! And I find myself wondering how I got to the point where I am just done with it all. Was there one thing that pushed my over the edge, or was it just everything piled up? I have no answers as to what goes on those days. I just try to make it to the end of the night and hope for a good nights sleep and a reset in the morning. I an relate. You're not alone. Thankkfully not everyday is that way! :)