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Monday, March 14, 2011

neighbors in the south SUCK!

sorry southerners, but it's how i feel right now...know why? okay, here goes...a certain unnamed neighbor who is the gossip, the nosy one, the troublemaker, the involved, in everyone's business one, was building up resentment toward my 8yo daughter and i...why?...well, that's for another post cause it's too long to tell here...anyway, long story longer, my sweet newly adopted dog, bit her dog because her redneck foolish husband didn't bother to respond to my urgent requests to pick up his dog, pull his dog away, etc. etc. he had her at the end of a 20ft. long retractable leash (i hate those things...they are dangerous PEOPLE!) and my dog pulled away from me, bit his dog and he was being sooooooooo clueless (the husband not the dog...the dog is smartER than he is) I was the one who had to pick his dog up! his dog was fine, but they called animal control on us...even after i went over, said i would pay the vet bill, urged foolish husband to take said dog to vet knowing how foolish he was...okay, long story long again, they almost beat us up...literally!

southern charm should be known as southern-i'll-be-as-sweet-as-pie-to-your-face-and-talk-serious-shit-behind-your-back-and-give-you-a-hug-the-next-day-BLESS-YOUR-HEART!...coming from the west coast i wasn't aware that every time the above neighbor said "bless her heart" to me she was really saying "fuck you!"...well, BLESS YOUR HEART SOUTHERN NEIGHBOR...!


Emily said...

Hi there!

I'm a new follower, not sure from where. Your blog is great, I like the design/layout.

I had a nasty pair of neighbors when I lived in the south too. After a while I took to flipping them off as I pulled into my garage. Nice, no. Did it make me feel a little better, yes. Good thing we moved because I'm a mom now, need to watch those hand gestures!

Look forward to reading more of your posts.


momsrus said... are right up my alley...!

dddiva said...

Oh yes, that infamous southern charm. My ex in laws from Louisiana by way of Texas- you described them to a T. Bless their hearts.

I am new found you through I think ec and will be following as soon as I finish posting this.

ladyguinevere28 said...

got your blog and your so strong. But you need that. Keep it up.