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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

everything changes

so my life looks nothing like it did almost two and a half years ago when my baby son was born and i suffered from severe postpartum anxiety.  crazy times.  who knew?! I can honestly say i am Happy.  Wow.  i have been unable to say that for a long time.

as to postpartum anxiety...gone.  ladies it can be done.  i am living proof...emphasis on the living.

regular' ol depression and anxiety...gone.

what's my secret? having a person come into your life who shows you that you are a good person. that you are lovable. that you are important and matter. this person could go away today, and i would have fond memories and be extremely thankful to this person, knowing they came into my life for a short period of time for a reason. to save me from myself.

now the rest is up to me....

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