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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

sitting with the crazies...

okay...that sooo wasn't nice i know. i was referring to sitting in the waiting room of my therapist's office.  mind you this is coming from someone who identifies with crazy.  i'm not used to sitting in a waiting room of a shrink's office, sorry for all the stereotypes, because my last 3 therapists (yes, I am now on 4), didn't have a waiting room.  more like either a small alcove with a chair, a house, or lobby.  never a waiting room.

so on days it's packed guess what?  it's awkward...i don't know why, it just is. i always advocate that this isn't about taboos...thus this blog.

but it's just funny when you're sitting in a waiting room, desperately wanting to be by your own crazy self, when suddenly there are 8 others in close proximity.  and one of them has a crazy 2 year old who's alll over the place. oh wait...that's me...cause yes as a mom not only do you not get to pee by yourself you also don't get to therapy by yourself either.

so there we were...and i try to smile at others, and make eye contact.  which is pretty stupid because i know when i was at my crazy worst, or crazy  best depending on how you look at it, i was in such panick mode i would be on the verge of screaming hysterically if someone so much as glimpsed my way...but i want to be friendly and give that knowing glance that it's all good.  it's all going to be okay.  we're not crazy, or we're all crazy because the whole world is crazy when you get right down to it so who cares right?

anyway, just making a craazyyyy observation...because i can....because i'm one of them...he... he... he...

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